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We create expert solutions to take your business to the next level


Overcome business challenges and fuel your growth with full cycle software development services and custom solutions

  • Dedicated Teams
  • Integration / Industry 4.0
  • Design, Implement and test

Data Analytics & Processing

Translate your raw internal data into powerful insights through modern data science and management tools

  • Complete and traceable integrity
  • Business Understanding Baseline
  • Data Architecture Design


Develop computerized systems that can aid in capturing, storing, analyzing, and rendering data specific to a geo location on the earths plain.

  • Cloud-based WebGIS and/or on-premises
  • Cross-industrial application
  • Highly customizable for web app development

Web & Mobile Development

Functional and visually engaging web products that deliver tangible business results that will give you the edge over competitors.

  • Both platform-based and custom web solutions
  • Full cycle of front-end to back-end website developmen
  • High-load and integrated mobile apps

QA & Testing

 Fully automated QA and test performance testing providing functional and non-functional software testing to determine how the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of your applications hold up.

  • Integration Testing for modules or components
  • QA outsourcing & one-time testing service
  • Performance, Usability and Accountability Testing

Smart City Digitalisation

Design and implement smart-city digital solutions utilizing statistical analysis to highlight development patterns deploying.

  • Smart-mobility applications
  • Cost-efficient waste handling and district heating systems
  • Smart-grid and outdoor lightning platforms

Get to know us better by having a look at the work we do

Companies and organizations we've helped in the past 24 months. Our Holistic process takes care of analysis, design, implementation, verification, and testing.


Scalability, time zone compatibility and flexible contracting options, combining the know-how of over 20 well educated experts in Kosovo and Albania

1st option

Development Only

2nd option

Project-based and Development

3rd option

Body Leasing

How we Deliver

By mirroring and matching you process requirements and leveraging our extensive colaboration and development tools, we are able to speed up the design-build process and deliver quality.

Information Gathering

We learn your business goals and vision by collecting the information on the most important functionalities. We review the ToR you provide and form a team that will conduct the project analysis.


Once we outline the needs, we start planning to formulate the requirements in the form of a product backlog and provide more accurate estimates. This allows us to plan the implementation in a building-block approach be that for software and/or web development.


The design phase of the software development life cycle focuses on creating the architecture, prototypes, and user experience design on high-level design and a low level design, the former allowing to understand the entire flow of the system architecture, whille the latter, while the latter see you implement all the program specifications


Subject to the development option taken, developers usually break the development part into manageable pieces and accomplish the development set goals step by step, applying Scrum Methodology.


Usually applied in three segments: unit testing, integration testing and acceptance testing, this step also allows developers to document the challenges encountered during the ongoing operations.


Last stage of the development life cycle is deployment. To make the deployment more efficient, the client is requested to provide feedback on the product and suggest changes if required

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